Refresh and revitalise yourself and your business.


Enjoy some 'me' time. Revitalise yourself and your business. Seek better balance. Be inspired to make a difference in your community. Whatever you decide make time to visit our Make A Difference Zone.

Reflect on your year ahead, or the sessions you have attended as you enjoy a pampering treat from our pop-up spa (a social enterprise supporting women into employment and social enterprise).

Get practical support to help revitalise yourself and your business in the new year. From website critiques to a magical theatre experience for one, this is a zone that delivers a difference in every way!

Be inspired by local charities and social enterprises as they showcase the positive difference they make and how you can be part of this.

Recognise an extraordinary woman. We’re delighted to welcome the Honours and Appointments Secretariat. Have you ever wondered how the Honours System works? Do you know a person who deserves an honour? The team is here to help!

If you’d like your business, charity or social enterprise to be part of this zone please get in touch.

Here are just some examples of what you will find in our Make A Difference Zone.

Jean Atkinson (Eden Marketing) – website review

Digital is just one of the areas Jean advises clients on and websites are a particular focus. Pop along anytime for some practical tips. Looking for something more? Book yourself in during registration (subject to availability) for a 15 minute web review and Jean will provide you with a checklist to take away which will ensure you get the most out of your online presence.

Nickala Torkington and therapists (Pop Up Spa and Retreat) – pampering treatments

Enjoy a pampering treat from our fabulous Pop Up Spa and Retreat – a social enterprise spa experience, helping people prioritise their health and wellbeing whilst helping women into meaningful, well paid flexible employment in the holistic health sector.

We’ll be offering 20 minute clothed, seated treatments for £10 including Indian head massage, back neck and shoulder massage and reflexology.

Find us on twitter @CommunityPopUps  or email

Nikky Norton-Shafau (Becoming Storybook) – ‘theatre of one’ 

‘Theatre For One’ is a magical theatre experience for one person that takes just 5 minutes. The audience wear headphones, experiencing both audio and mini stage actions. Popping up at various times during the day in this zone, come along and either take part – or watch curiously from the outside…

Dr Gill Green (STORM) – #heyareyouok

Finding life difficult to cope with is something that we can all experience at some time in our life, but it can be hard to take time out to look after ourselves or to ask for help. Whilst we have become more aware and understanding of emotional and mental health, we still live in a world that views talking about how we are feeling as a weakness.

Our simple 3-step message challenges this culture by encouraging us to look after ourselves, look out for others, and if we feel able to, offer help and support if someone is struggling. By reaching out before life becomes difficult, or so unbearable that suicide becomes an option, we can make a difference.

Help us to spread the 3-step message and together ‘let’s shift the paradigm’. Help us to live in a world where suicide does not become an option; distress is met with compassion; and people feel able to ask for help.

Carol Dabrowska and Sammi Wilde (Bellyflop TV) – how to look good on camera!

In today’s digital world video and photographs have become the ‘norm’ in business. Whether you’re giving an interview, asked for a profile picture or snapped at an event, feeling comfortable, and looking ‘good’ on camera whilst staying consistent with your brand has become a business skill.

Pop along to see Carol and Sammi throughout the day for tips and practical demonstrations on how to do this.

Alex Phillips (UnLtd) – support for social entrepreneurs

We want to see a world where people act to make it better. Our mission is to reach out and unleash the energies of enterprising people who do good.

Come and find out more about how we support social entrepreneurs, how you can help and the difference the people we support make.